Titanium “Dog Bone” Buzz Bar Kit


Our new “Dog Bone” style buzz bars are CNC machined from solid grade 5 Titanium bar another first in the fishing industry from Weston we then wet blast them to achieve a cool matt grey finish.

Come complete with Buzz Bar Inserts, Locking Collars, nuts and Locking Tool Key Ring included

Titanium is over 200% stronger than Stainless Steel and half the weight.
Our 12” Titanium bank stick weighs 102gms compared to a 12” Stainless one which weighs 230gms!
It’s also massively more corrosion resistant even against salt water.

Although hard to machine and a very expensive raw material we’ve made these in small batches in house at our UK HQ.

  • 4” 2 rod rear (snug) 34gms
  • 5” 2 rod front (snug) 42gms
  • 6” 2 rod rear (std) 46gms
  • 6.5” 2 rod front (std) 49gms
  • 8.5” 3 rod rear (snug) 63gms
  • 9.5” 3 rod front (snug) 71gms
  • 10.5” 3 rod rear (std) 79gms
  • 11.5” 3 rod front (std) 87gms
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Use as a conventional ‘T’ bar set up or as a 2 + 1 set up with our 1/2” Titanium bank sticks or as a rock solid ‘goal post’ system if snag fishing.

Multiple Buzz Bar sizes available in 2/3 rod standard or snug options. This modular system can be mixed and matched as preferred eg a 8.5”can be paired with a 10.5” or a 5” can be paired with a 6.5” if you want more of a splay on your rods.

Our modular Buzzer Bar Inserts solve any buzzer alignment issues allowing indicator brackets and snag bars to be fitted and locked in position by the Locking Collar in perfect alignment. This also prevents cracking of your alarm casings from over tightening trying to achieve alignment. Lock nuts protect the insert threads when not in use.

Also buzzers, snag ears & indicator brackets can “quick changed” from the buzz bars intact on the insert and swapped over to single banksticks making it quick and easy to switch between set ups.

All Buzz Bar kits come with Buzz Bar Inserts, Locking Collars, Lock Nuts and a Locking Tool Key Ring included but all parts can be purchased separately as required.

Buzzer Bar Insert- screws on to your buzzers/hockey sticks and rear rod rests and can be nipped up and easily aligned without over tightening and cracking your alarm casings which is a common problem. 15gms

Locking Ring- Use to lock buzz bar insert in place to easily align buzzers and rear rod rests, tighten with our locking tool key ring. 2gms

Lock nut- Use to cover thread on Buzz Bar Insert when not using goal post style. These are an option and not necessarily required. 5gms

Stud- 3/8 BSF Stud is also available separately can be used to repair old damaged alarms or spreader blocks. 5 gms

Locking Tool Key Ring- A handy tool which can be kept on your key ring and used to tighten our unique “no loss” Thumbscrews, Locking Collars and Lock Nuts on “Dog Bone” Buzz Bars. Stainless Steel. 7gms.