Aero Tech MgS XTB/XTC 12000 Speed Cap


Performance clutch upgrade designed and developed by Weston Developments & Custom Reels. This replacement cap is designed to convert the standard clutch system to a conventional QD, operating from free running to locked up in half a turn.

  • Can be used with the standard greased felt washers fitted in the spools or in conjunction with our carbon washer upgrades which also give increased sensitivity and smoothness.
  • Made from lightweight aero-grade aluminium with a Satin Black anodised finish, they will also reduce the overall weight of the reel by a few grams when fitted.
  • They can fit a Gardner 12x2mm Isotope (Not Supplied) offset to one side in the front, which are available in many colours to suit your tastes. We recommend using a small drop of clear silicon sealer for securing the isotopes.
  • Also compatible with Technium XS-C
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Suitable for:

  • MgS XTB/XTC 12000