Infinity X 5000/5500 BR Speed Cap


We had few requests for these as some customers felt the standard free spool feature was too loose even when done up tight and was not suitable for some situations. These caps will enable the reel to be set so a fish can only just take a line under maximum tension, dumping the lead and coming up in the water on a take. Ideal in weedy/snaggy situations.

INFINITY X 5000/5500 BR Speed Cap comes fitted with a click leaf spring and free carbon drag washers. This upgrade now gives a positive “click” to make a fully adjustable micro front drag system with a half turn between free spool and full lock up.

They come supplied with our standard carbon washer and replace the standard felt washers in your spool giving you a half turn drag system.

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Suitable for:

  • Standard Daiwa and Weston INFINITY shallow spools.