Slow Oscillation Worm Shafts (Self-fit)


Reel maintenance experience required.

Slow oscillation shafts for self fitting. 5 types to suit reels listed below.

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Suitable for the following reels:

  • Emblem X 5000T Black Edition , 4500/5000 Emblem S H (Baboon’s) X, LONGBEAM GS2000 3000H, 5000H. LONGBEAM ST/PM/SS 2000 AND 3000
  • SS3000/SS5000/TS5000T/TS5000BE
  • TS6000T/SS9000
  • Basia QDA, QDA45, QDX, DCR custom (not for Basiair)
  • Emblem Pro 5500/5000, Emblem ZA & XA 5500/5000, Spod, Emblem 5500/6000 S X & H, Longbeam’s GS 9000 H & P