Daiwa Tournament SS9000 Reel Service

From: £38.00

Our reel servicing goes above and beyond manufacturers’ recommendations, and we take great pride in ensuring that your reels give you the maximum performance and reliability available. Every single component is removed and thoroughly washed using an environmentally friendly, non-solvent, water-based de-greaser before being cleaned in our state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaners. This removes all dirt, grit and minor corrosion, which can wear bearings, bushes and gears. No other process can achieve such significant results.

Once thoroughly cleaned, each reel is re-assembled using the most advanced lubricants available today, ensuring all components have maximum life efficiency. All tolerances are checked and re-shimmed accordingly to achieve a smoother feeling reel. Once assembled, each reel is applied with a special Teflon polymer polish to protect them against dirt, making your reel easier to keep clean in the future. Some models even have a rotor counterbalance included in the service price to improve operation. Older model Daiwa reels fitted with the ‘One Touch Pat P’ folding handles are tightened where necessary.

All postage details and prices are on the website. We will always contact you should any new parts be required before carrying out any extra work.

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