Anti Reverse Gear Upgrade (SS/GS/Tournament)


Anti-reverse gear upgrade for Daiwa SS/GS/Tournament/Emblem/Longbeam.

Multi-point anti-reverse gear reduces the amount of backlash/play on the handle anti-reverse mechanism compared to the standard gear. Our new multi-point gear also makes the rotor/handle alignment much easier. This can be fitted as part of our reel servicing or available for self-fit (reel maintenance experience required if you choose to self-fit).

This is not an “infinite” anti-reverse conversion but as close as we can get!

In stock (can be backordered)



Suitable for:

  • SS3000
  • SS5000
  • SS9000
  • T-S5000T
  • T-S5500T
  • T-S5000 Black Edition
  • T-S6000T
  • GS3000 Whisker
  • GS5000 Whisker
  • Emblem X 5000T Black Edition
  • Emblem 4500/5000 S&H
  • Longbeam H&P series