Spring Loaded Line Stop (SS3000/TS-5000T/BE)


Spring loaded line stop replacement for “STANDARD” Daiwa SS3000/5000T & 5000BE spools.

Self-fit for the mechanically minded only, please use send in option if you are not confident fitting to your own reels.

Self fit instructions:

  1. Remove old plastic clip and brass pin. Gently knock it out with a centre punch.
  2. The line stop will fit the hole at this stage but you need to elongate the existing hole IN A DOWNWARDS DIRECTION approximately 0.5mm with a small round file so the spring can be added.
  3. Fit the line stop in the hole.
  4. Fit the spring onto the stop. (note it is tapered, the large diameter goes against the inside of the spool)
  5. Hold the e clip in a pair of long nose pliers and fit into the groove on the line stop while holding down the spring between your finger and thumb.
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Suitable for:

  • T-S5000BE (Black Edition)
  • T-S5000T
  • SS3000