Wooden Knob & Anodised Spigot (Ultegra Ci4 14000 XTB & 5500 / Pre 2018)


Wooden handle conversion for older Ultegra Ci4 14000 XTB 5500 XTB pre-2018 models only with a moulded grey plastic screw-on knob.

Please note: this is NOT suitable for the non-Ci4 grey knob that’s riveted on.

Exotic hardwood handle knob and black anodised spigot.

Black alloy knob available on request.

Fitting Instructions

Swapping the original moulded plastic knob fitted as standard could not be simpler and can be done in the comfort of your own living room using a small Philips screwdriver & pick tool.

Simply remove the chrome cover from the standard knob by placing a pick tool or small flat screwdriver under one end and gently lifting. Once removed, this will reveal a small Philips screw. Undo the screw and slide off the original moulded knob. Then, using the screwdriver, gently tease both factory bearings or bushes (depending on the model) from the original knob along with the shim washers. Fit one bearing or bush into the end of the new Black spigot, which will face the reel arm, and slide back onto the reel arm shaft. Next, fit the washers, followed by the second bearing/bush onto the shaft and into the spigot, and tighten the screw. Finally, once the spigot is mounted to the shaft, screw the alloy knob on turning clockwise and nip up by hand.

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Suitable for:

  • Ultegra Ci4 14000 XTB
  • Ultegram 5500