Self-Fit SS2600 Handle Knob Conversion


Convert your own standard plastic handle knob. to a hardwood or black acetal knob & spigot.

  • Choose an option from the menu.
  • DIY Kit for “self-fit” only. Mechanical experience is required. (NOT FOR BOILER BASHERS!)
  • Kit includes – 1 handle knob, 1 anodised spigot, 1 stainless steel spindle, 2 phosphor bronze bearings, 1 stainless steel button head screw, 1 stainless chemi blacked screw.
  • For the mechanically competent preferably with engineering experience.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage, fitting is carried out entirely at your own risk!

Fitting Instructions

  • Remove the old plastic knob & spindle.
  • Drill out the arm with a 4mm drill to suit the spindle.
  • Counter sink handle arm to suit chemi blacked screw.
  • Fit the spindle and secure it with a screw. Fit one bearing, then the spigot, followed by the other bearing.
  • Add a drop of lube to the bearings.
  • Lock in place with the button head screw and tighten.
  • Screw on the handle knob and nip up with a 10mm spanner.
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